Welcome To Web Academy

This is the home page of Web_Academy, a Java web application that helps students to register for courses and also helps instructor, managers and administrators to keep track of course and student information.

One advantage of the Web Academy application is that it streamlines the course registration, record keeping and administration process.

Web Academy is simple, intuitive and easy to use, it will greatly increase your efficiency, simplify operation procedures.

Web Academy is a software program written in Java and helps you to :
A. Let students register for classes and check credits and hours.
B. Let instructors keep track of the classes they teach or taught and the credits they have earned.
C. Let managers keep track of the progress their subordinates have made.
D. Let administrators create courses, classes, assign instructors, time, location and more ...
Its Graphical User Interface (GUI) integrates the whole workflow for a coordinated management and control, it is easy to learn and use.

Web Academy Feature List
  • Secure User Login
  • Register for new account
  • Recover password
  • Create classes
  • Create courses
  • Update user information
  • Create location
  • Enroll classes
  • Drop classes
  • List classes enrolled, on wait list or taken
  • List classes teaching or taught by instructors
  • Display class roster
  • Customise feedback questions
  • Get student feedbacks
  • Generate instant reports
  • View data in the database
  • Roll back data
  • To use the Web Academy program, you need to :
    <1> Download and install Java
    <2> Download Web Academy
    Contact me and I'll set it up so you can try it over the web.

    Or you can watch the animated images of Web Academy to see how the program works.

    Copyright © 2006 Ni , Min ( Frank ). All rights reserved.