2010 NEW EDITION  :  Tv_Panel

WATCH TV FROM100+ COUNTRIES & 16,000+ Channels  ON YOUR PC !

  • No monthly fees !
  • No pop ups or annoying ads.
  • No extra hardware or TV card required.
  • No satellite or TV descramblers.
  • No waiting for the mail.
  • No shipping or handling charges.
  • FREE Auto channel updates.
  • Easy to use, watch movies immediately !

All You Need :
[ 1 ] A Windows desktop or notebook
[ 2 ] A High Speed Internet Connection ( The Faster The Better )

Hundreds of languages : English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese ...
10 TV Channel Types : News, Business, Educational, Entertainment, Religious, Music, Sports, Lifestyle, Web Cams, Movies.
25 Stream Types : Art_&_Creativity, Auto_&_Vehicles, Business_&_Finance, Comedy, Education, Entertainment, Environment, Fashion, Film_&_Animation, Food, Friends_&_Family, Gaming, How-to_&_DIY, Lifecasting, Medicine_&_Health, Music, News_&_Politics, Nonprofit_&_Activism, Parties_&_Events, People_&_Blogs, Pets_&_Animals, Science_&_Tech, Spirituality, Sports_&_Hobbies, Travel_&_Places.

 Enjoy smooth viewing of multiple channels up to 60 simultaneously IN ONE SCREEN ! 


 Frequently Asked Questions 
<1>Is this legal ?

Yes, it is 100% LEGAL, GUARANTEED !
<2>Do I have to pay anything else once I have bought the item ?

You do NOT have to buy anything else, there are no ongoing costs.
<3>What do I require for this to work ?

You will ONLY need a Windows computer and a broadband Internet connection for best quality.
<4>Are there any restrictions on where I can download and use this software ?

As the Internet is WORLDWIDE you can download and use this software ANYWHERE in the World.
<5>How many stations will I get ?

You will be able to watch 16,000+ TV Stations, live streams and web cams from 100+ countries all over the world.
<6>I use Windows Vista - will the software work ?

This works with all versions of Windows. If you experience any problems, let me know.
<7>What type of live sports can I view ?

You can watch baseball, football, soccer, basketball and many other sports from all around the world.
<8>What about After Sales Questions ?

If you have ANY problems with this package or any other questions then contact me.

You can group channels into 50 different groups, add and delete channels any time as you wish.

With vast TV channels online, you now get to pick and choose the programs you like. The laptop or PC was already your personal workspace, now you can watch TV on it simultaneously too. With a fast Internet connection necessary for continuous streaming, you can watch online TV without having to worry about missing out on the action scenes as you get up to attend a phone call. Or watch a live stream that someone else at the other end of the world choose to broadcast online and share his or her interests.

This is a revolutionary new software that allows you to watch TV directly on your PC. This new technology, called TV over IP, requires no additional equipment and gives you access to a brand new world of digital entertainment. Fast and easy setup. You can start watching immediately after you run the software, it is so user friendly that any one can use it.

Stop paying outrageous fees for cable and satellite TV ! If you are like most people, you are probably paying close to $90 per month to watch TV, and you're still not getting 1/10 of the channels this program provides. Buy it today for a small one-time-fee and starting watching TV on your PC or notebook now ! That's good for life ! You can save thousands and thousands of dollars year after year on your cable/satellite bills. And the number of available channels are constantly growing.

Compare Products
OptionsRegular Satellite/Cable TVTV_Panel
Installation  Requires a technician  Easy 1 minute setup
Availability  Limited access in certain areas  Available anywhere
Equipment  Requires a satellite/Cable box  Your PC only. No extra hardware
Content  Only 150 Channels
  16,000+ Channels
  Over $200 in installation fees &
Over $100 in monthly fees
   No monthly fees. Unlimited usage.
Tv_Panel_Lite [ 2,200+ Channels ] $ 5.99
Tv_Panel_Plus [ 7,100+ Channels ] $ 11.99
Tv_Panel_Pro [ 16,700+ Channels ] $ 19.99

You Can Start Now In Just 2 Simple Steps, click the following link to install Java :

<1>Install Java Version 6+ ( Get it free at : http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp )
<2>As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with instructions to download the program.
You can instantly enjoy watching TV on your PC/notebook !

Usually you'll get the download instruction email on the same day that your payment is received.
Check the email address you registered with Paypal for how to download.

Tv_Panel_Lite [ 2,200+ Channels ] Tv_Panel_Plus [ 7,100+ Channels ] Tv_Panel_Pro [ 16,700+ Channels ]
$ 5.99
$ 11.99
$ 19.99

 Start $aving now , let your money work harder for you ! 

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