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Chinese_English_Dictionary Info Page

Single mouse click on a character in the "Results" list to select that char.
Double mouse click on a character in the "Results" list enter the selected char and it's unicode in to the "Selected Words" and "Selected Unicodes" fields.
Click on "English" button to goto online English dictionary.
Click on "Selected Words" button to goto online Google Translate page.
Press "F1" to goto online search results page.
Click on the "Copy" buttons to copy the words or unicodes, then you can paste(Ctrl+V) them into any text editor.
Enter a unicode, such as "\u502B", and nothing else in the "Unicode" field then press enter you will get that corresponding character.
I use Windows Vista, in the Control Panel's Regional and Languages Options, my settings are :

Formats : English (Unites States)
Location : China
Keyboards and Languages : (Click "Change keyboards ...)
  General : English (Unites States) - US
  Installed services : EN English (Unites States)
                       CH Chinese (Simplified, PRC)
Administrative : Current language for non-Unicode programs :
                   Chinese (Simplified, PRC)

It's set that way because I use Chinese fonts. I bought this Gateway notebook from a BestBuy in Atlanta,
so the version of Vista is a standard pre-installed English version, when I first bought it, I couldn't
see Chinese fonts in my Java programs, but after I changed it to the current setting, all the Chinese
fonts showed up, you might need to adjust accordingly to see different languages' fonts.

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