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Reminder_Panel is a Java program that combines calendar, scheduler and alarm, it can use wildcards for time like this : 2011-01-28 X:30 , 2012-X-01 10:50 or Wed [ Last ] X:01. Able to record your voice and playback your recording on time.

It can display and print a year's calendar.
It can also display and print calendars that combine different year and months. You are able to click on the months and years to pick a different time.
By simply clicking on a calendar date you can enter events into the schedule. All the fields are adjustable. Use "X" to mean any value in a field. You can also choose which sound to play.
You can click in any schedule entry then press the [ Record Reminder ] button to record your own voice or any other sound and play back on scheduled time.
You can schedule weekly events by left clicking any week heading i.e. [ Fr ].

You can schedule monthly events by right clicking any week heading i.e. [ Tu ] then choose from the drop down menu a time i.e. [ 3rd of month ].

The "[ + ]" in the schedule table heading means that items in that column will drop down a menu when clicked.

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