Screen Shots Of Full Version : 5. User Setting

Here you can fill in information to be used in automatically generated forms.

In the User Contact Info [English] tab above you can enter English info.

In the User Contact Info [Native] tab on the left you can enter info in native language.

The Exchange_Rate_Range is used in the tab [1] Products for auto price range calculation.

The Display Rate value is used to auto calculate the US dollar value of an item's price in [2] Enter Orders from the item's supplier price in [1] Products

Net Weight of an item in tab [2] Enter Orders is automatically calculated from an item's Gross Weight in tab [1] Products, you can use "*" or "-" as operator.

The Prepay value is used to automatically calculate how much percent of prepay is needed in the generated Sales Confirmation document.

In the tab Setting you can enter your preference settings.

The Set [Current] In View Orders To The Last [ ] Weeks field lets you set the "Current" time frame in tab [3] View Orders and [7] Statistical Charts

The Auto Create Zip Backup File Every [ ] Hour(s) field lets you set the hours for automatic data backup.

The Auto Lock Sales Contract, Attachment, Invoice And Packing List field lets you set the lock for automatically generated forms. When unlocked, the documents will be re-generated(refreshed) everytime you look at them. If locked, the information in the documents will not be updated each time you look at them.

To unlock and refresh a document, you can first uncheck the [Lock] box for that order in tab [3] View Orders and then click on the document (Sales Confirmation, Attachment, Invoice or Packing List) you want to regenerate/update.

Click the Browse button to enter your company seal and signature images, they will be used in the generated forms.

You can customise the content in the generated documents (Sales Confirmation, Invoice or Packing List) by adjusting texts on the right side of this tab.

To input characters in your native language, first click in the text field, then press The Chinese character for Chinese, or A for non-Chinese.

Turn on ',',between Last_Name and First_Name is used for names in tab [4] Supplier View. Also, it will affect names when you press the Company button to print addresses in tab [1] Products, [5] User Setting and [6] Customer & Agent Setting.

Import Export Id lets you automatically create contact Ids in tab [6] Customer & Agent Setting

Import Export Id lets you automatically create the backup file everytime the program starts, after that it will backup at your pre-set time set in Auto Create Zip Backup File Every [ ] Hour(s).

Import Export Id lets you verify screen-shot each time F5 key is pressed. If it's not checked, the program will print directly.

The Import Export Id string is used in tab [2] Enter Orders, it's at the middle bottom of [2] Enter Orders, you can customize it. It is used in Shipping Documents. This field can not be left unfilled, the default value is "H_S_Number". If you really don't need it, just type in a blank space.

To recover backuped data from the list, first select the file, then press Recover From Selected Data, or you can press Delete to delete it.

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