Screen Shots Of Full Version : 4. Supplier View

This [4] Supplier View tab is for agents to look at supplier information of any order. Agent can choose any, or all, orders and see items listed by each supplier. Agent can give this information to his supplier for production.

To view supplier info, agent need to first select orders from the list on the left side, you can select all orders to look at by clicking : the top check box.

Or you can select individual orders to look at their supplier information.

To view a brief supplier info list, click on All Suppliers. This will list any supplier that produces items in your selected order(s).

If you click on any supplier name, it will display any items in the selected order(s) that's supplied only by this supplier.

To view a detailed supplier info list, check the Show Detail box, then click on the supplier names.

By default, the shipping date is hidden so that suppliers only see the deadline date you set for them. But you can change this by checking the Show Shipping Date box.

When it is checked, it will show both the shipping date and deadline date.

You can set the deadline date by adjusting the value in the following field : Supplier Deadline = [ ] days before Shipping Date.

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