Screen Shots Of : Enter Non-English Chars

Biz_Manager supports multiple languages. If your computer is set up for the language you choose, e.g. Chinese, you can simply type them in the way you normally do.

But if your PC is not set up for that language, you can use the buttons in the program to enter those non-English characters.

For example, if you want to enter Chinese remarks, just click in the remarks field first, then left-click the Remark button to select Chinese characters and right-click on Remark to enter any other characters.

If you want to enter Chinese characters for supplier contact info, click the field first, then click Chinese next to "City" to select Chinese, or if you want to enter any other characters, hit the A next to "Zip". As shown below :

After clicking Chinese, you will see this window.

There are several ways to find the Chinese character you are looking for.

One way as shown on the left is to type in Pinyin and hit "Enter" on your keyboard. Or you can type in the English, total strokes etc, for that character.

Select a character from the list.
You will see the character you selected at the bottom of the screen, click on that character and it will be entered in the Biz_Manager's field.

Or you can double click on the list and enter the character directly into Biz_Manager's field.

After clicking A, you will see this window.

Choose any language character set from the dropdown menu.

Left click will magnify the character, right click will enter the character into the Biz_Manager's field.

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