BM.exe [ Simple Version ] Guide

To use the Simple Version (BM.exe) you need to first Install Java, then Download Biz_Manager [ Simple Version ].
It's simple to use the BM.exe program. After double click BM.exe to start it, you can begin to enter item information at the upper right side and save it. Item remarks can be entered in non-English characters, if your PC is set up for those non-English characters, you can enter them directly. Otherwise you can enter them by first click in the fields you want to enter the characters, then left-click the Remark button to enter Chinese, right-click it to enter any other languages.
You can also enter your contact information at the lower right side. Contact info can also be in non-English characters. To enter non-English characters, first click the field you want to enter the characters, then click the Chinese button next to "City" for Chinese, or click the A button next to "Zip" for other non-English characters.
Most buttons have tooltips to show you how they can be used, just mouse over the button and see what it says.
To find an item, just enter the item number in the Item No. field and click Find, or simply hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard.
To delete an item, select the item from the list on the lower left side, then click Delete,
You can also enter an image for an item or enter multiple images for multiple item at the same time.
Once you have entered an image for an item, you can see that image by mouse over that item on the list, or by select the item from the list (click on it), then click the Picture button, this will open a new window and show you where on your PC the image is located.
After you have entered and saved item info, the item will be added to your product list on the lower left side. At the upper left side you can see your product file name, it's your computer name followed by ".txt". It also shows how many items you have in the file, when the file was last updated and size of the file. "Zip_Size" refers to the size of the file after you zip it up by clicking the Backup button in the middle right of the screen. This backup file contains all your products and their images. You can send this file to your import/export agents so they can see your product and contact information. This zip file is named :, it's located in your "C:\02_Zip" file folder.
Since each PC has a different computer name, your zip file will be uniquely named.
If you leave the program running, your information will be automatically saved every 2 hours, or you can manually update your zip file by clicking the Backup buttom.
There are 2 modes in the Biz_Manager program :
Private Mode : Display all information
Public Mode : Hide supplier contact info and price info.
By pressing the F5 key on your keyboard you can switch between the 2 modes.
Usually you only see one product file at the upper left side, that's your product file that you can save your contact info and product info, and you can zip it up and send it to other people who also runs the Biz_Manager program, either simple version or full version.
You can also put other people's product zip file into your "C:\02_Zip" file folder and run the program to see their products. Everytime the programs starts, it first checks your "C:\02_Zip" file folder, if there is any file new, it will un-zip it and load the information into the program.

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