Biz_Manager.exe [ Full Version ] Guide

To use the Full Version [ Biz_Manager.exe ] you need to first Install Java, then Download Biz_Manager [ Full Version ].
There are 2 modes in the Biz_Manager program :
Private Mode : Display all information
Public Mode : Hide supplier contact info, price info and profit info.
By pressing the F5 key on your keyboard you can switch between the 2 modes. In Private Mode the top tabs will show pink color. In Public Mode they will be in grey.

[1] Products

The Biz_Manager [ Full Version ] can do everything the Simple Version can do, therefore as an import/export agent you can also enter product info.
Besides, you can combine all your suppliers' products into one file.

You may see a brief supplier info and their product list by double clicking on any of the supplier files on the upper left side.

[2] Enter Orders

To enter a new order, click Order Id on the middle left side, this will generate a new Order ID, then you can goto tab [1] Products to select the items in this order and click Add To Order on the upper right side. You can stay in tab [1] and add multiple items. After you have added all items to the order, goto tab [2], and you'll see the added item list on the lower left side.

Here you can enter order information, including sales confirmation number, invoice number, payment methods, etc. Also, you can select the items and enter quantities and prices for them.

If you have already entered customer and agent info, you can choose them from the list, otherwise, goto tab [6] Customer & Agent Setting and enter their info first. If you select a customer, its agent info will automatically be filled in for you, you can later change it if you need to.

When you have a customer or agent selected and clicked the Id # button, it will take you to the [6] Customer & Agent Setting tab to show you more details.

You can also duplicate/copy an existing order, just click the Order # button and fill-in the rest of the order information.

You can click on the table cells on the right side of this second tab to see generated documents or other information as listed below :

Table ColumnLeft Click ResultsRight Click Results
[Order Id]Tab [2] : Order DetailsTab [3] : View_Orders
[Sales Contract]Sales ContractAttachment to Sales Contract
[Invoice Number]InvoicePacking List
[Shipping]Shipping DocumentNative Language Shipping Document
[Total($)]Detailed order document(Private)|Quotation(Public)Brief order document
[Profit($)]Detailed order documentBrief order document

In this tab you can also enter shipping marks for the order, on the right side, click on [B] Shipping Marks / Barcodes, then click the You Can Click Here To Add Shipping Mark Images button to add Shipping Mark & Bar Code images to the file folder.

In the [C] Barcode_Tool tab, you can generate bar code images for the current order. Just type in the barcode value and click the "Save Image As ..." button to save the image.

In the [D] Calculation Tools tab, there are several calculation tools for your convenience. On the upper left side is a simple calculator, on the upper right side you can convert some commonly used measurements. At the lower left is a world clock that can show local time for 88 cities in the world. At the lower right you can convert between two currencies. There are also two rulers in the middle, one for centimeter(cm) and the other one for inch(in).

[3] View Orders

To view orders, you can select from the criteria at the bottom. The Current button will list orders in your pre-defined current time frame.

You can click on the table cells to see generated documents or other information as listed below :

Table ColumnClick Results
[Order Id]Tab [2] : Order Details
[Company Name]Tab [6] : Customer & Agent Setting
[Lock]Lock this order, click the following documents to "view", when unlocked, click the documents will update them
[Sales Contract]Sales Contract
[Item]Attachment to Sales Contract
[Invoice Number]Invoice
[Ctn]Packing List
[Shipping]Left-Click : Shipping Document in English , Right-Click : Shipping Document in native language
[CBM]Tab [2] : Order Details
[G.W.(Kg)]Tab [2] : Order Details
[N.W.(Kg)]Tab [2] : Order Details
[Pic]Left-Click : Tab [2] : Order Details => Tab [B] : Shipping Marks / Barcodes , Right-Click : Print
[Total($)]Left-Click : Detailed order document(Private)|Quotation(Public) , Right-Click : Brief order document
[Profit($)]Left-Click : Detailed order document , Right-Click : Brief order document

[4] Supplier View

Agents can view items in their orders by suppliers, so they can have a better understanding of how many items in his selected orders are from each supplier. Also, agents will be able to give this list to their suppliers for production.

To view all orders, check the Top Row box, otherwise select individual order to see its supplier info.

Agents can check the Show Detail box to view a brief summary or a detailed list.

Agents can choose to show or hide the shipping date by checking the Show Shipping Date box.

Agents can also set deadline date by checking the Supplier Deadline = [ ] days before Shipping Date box.

[5] User Setting

Agents can set their contact info in English or their native language.

Program preferences can be set with the following options :

Set [Current] In View Orders To The Last [ ] WeeksSet your preferred time frame for the button in tab [3] View Orders and [7] Statistical Charts
Auto Create Zip Backup Data File Every [ ] Hour(s)Set your preferred time duration for auto create backup file
Auto Lock Sales Contract, Attachment, Invoice And Packing ListWhen locked : only display not overwrite documents. When unlocked : re-generates documents.
Auto Create New Contact IdAutomatically create contact ids in [6] Customer & Agent Setting
Auto Create Zip File At Start UpAuto create Zip data backup files everytime the programs starts.
Verify F5 Before Print ScreenPrompt user to verify F5 key before print screen.
Import / Export IdThe string is used in [2] Enter Orders If you don't need it, type in a white space.
Recover Data ListA list of previously backed-up data files.
Exchange Rate RangeSets the foreign currency exchange rate in [1] Products

The "Display Rate" is used to auto calculate price from [1] Products to [2] Enter Orders when an item is added.

Other Calculation SettingSets the rules for "Net Weight" and "Prepay" calculations

[6] Customer / Agent Setting

Input customer and agent contact information which will be used in [2] Enter Orders

If Auto Create New Contact Id is checked, Biz_Manager will automatically create Ids for you, otherwise, you can create Ids as you like.

You can enter multiple languages. If your PC is setup for non-English characters, you can input them directly, otherwise, first click in the field you want to input non-English character, then click Chinese next to "Id #" to select Chinese, or if you want to enter any other characters, hit the A next to "Id #".

To delete an entry, just select it and hit the Delete Id button.

To print an entry, first select it, then hit the Delete Id button. Left-click will generate one copy, Right-click will generate eight copies.

[7] Statistical Charts

Change selection criteria to view statistical charts of orders. The criteria changes made in this tab won't affect the criteria in [3] View Orders. But any changes made there will be reflected in this tab. It is designed this way so that you can quickly view statistics without affecting your normal orders.

The smallest unit on the bar chart is "day", the largest unit for the bar chart is "year".

[8] Interactive World Map

Selectively display user, supplier, agent and customer contact and total order information on interactive world map. If VIP button is checked, it will mark locations proportionally to total $ value.

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