Biz_Manager Downloads

There are 2 versions of the Biz_Manager program, click to download :

< 1 > Simple version [ Basic User ]


For suppliers : Enter and maintain product and supplier info.
< 2 > Full version [ Super User ]


For agents : Enter and maintain order info and generate documents.


For anyone who wants to uninstall BM.exe or Biz_Manager.exe.
Sample Data

For anyone who wants to see how Biz_Manager works with existing data.
After you have run Biz_Manager for the first time, copy this file into C:\02_Zip and re-start the program.
You can use the BM_Uninstaller.exe above to get rid of all the data.

Note : You must download and install Java before you can run BM.exe or Biz_Manager.exe.

After downloading BM.exe, Biz_Manager.exe or BM_Uninstaller.exe, you can double click them to run the programs.

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